'60 Robert G. Heasley
Gambier, Ohio

Wesley J. MacAdam, Arling­ton, Virginia, informs us that he traveled to Russia in August 2010 to escort about fifty students to the United States for their exchange year.

'61 R. Hutchins Hodgson Jr.
Cumming, Georgia

'62 Jonathan S. Katz
Newton, Massachusetts
William P. Russell
St. Charles, Illinois

'63 Neal M. Mayer
Millsboro, Delaware
Calvin S. Frost
Lake Forest, Illinois

Donald J. Mabry, Starkville, Mis­sissippi, tells us he has been named historian emeritus by the Beaches Area Historical Society of Jackson­ville, Florida. His historical text archive is completing its twentieth year and gets fifteen million visitors a year. Don and his wife, Paula, like to travel in their free time.

'64 Joel D. Kellman
Huntington Woods, Michigan
David A. Schmid
Norwell, Massachusetts

Edward T. Ordman, Memphis, Tennessee, reports that recogni­tion as an interfaith activist comes from unexpected places. Go to 30mosques.com and click on "Day 27." Bruce D. Twine, Cheyenne, Wyoming, informs us that he met Lee Piepho at his fiftieth high school reunion at Fox Lane High School in Bedford, New York. Lee is married to Susan Brand, Bruce's classmate from Pound Ridge, New York, from kindergarten through twelfth grade.

'65 Thomas R. Sant
Hilliard, Ohio
Frederick McGavran
Cincinnati, Ohio
James Miller
North Baltimore, Ohio

John A. Lynn, Indianapolis, Indiana, tells us that while con­tinuing to do stand-up comedy for "deranged teens (pardon the redundancy)" in Indy's most popular SAT prep course, he is still ministering the good news of Jesus Christ to anyone who will sit still, and some who won't. Check out www.youtube.com/justtruthit. Sylvan J. Seidenman, Miami, Florida, reports that he retired last September after more than forty-three years in the Miami-Dade County Public Schools. In 1987 he became a counselor at the founding of the New World School of the Arts, a performing and visual arts high school and college. While Syl and his wife, Sandy, never had children of their own, thirty-seven years of teaching kindergarten has kept Sandy busy. They are also the proud godparents of Tarell Alvin McCraney, one of the students whom John counseled, who after earning his MFA in playwrighting from Yale has gone on to become a very busy and honored playwright.

'66 Jack Buckley
College Station, Texas

'67 Tom Lockard
Gambier, Ohio
Dennis O'Connell
Peculiar, Missouri
Nathan Parker
New York, New York

George W. Luedke, Lynchburg, Virginia, reports that after hav­ing completed thirty years of office-based psychiatry, he has moved into hospital-based work exclusively. George's son Ben is a psychotherapist, his son Brian is a psychiatric nurse, and his daughter, Katherine, is a clinical psychologist. George's wife, Ann, is still practicing as a clinical psychologist, and their three young grandchildren are thriving. George's Parkinson's disease is quite manageable and he would be happy to discuss P.D. with other Kenyon alumni similarly afflicted. Law­rence C. Schmidlapp, Oyster Bay, New York, informs us that he was elected mayor of his village, Centre Island, in 2009, having lived there for sixty-three years. Larry loves making his residents happy and using the title to make a difference for open space, historical water­front, and the maritime education of future oceanographic stewards.

'68 Howard B. Edelstein
Shaker Heights, Ohio

Rev. Carl H. Beasley, York, Penn­sylvania, tells us that he spent last summer working as the pastoral associate at St. John's Episcopal Church in York, where he began his ministry as a curate in 1977. John C. Risler, St. Johns, Florida, writes that after nineteen years in human resources and labor rela­tions with the Hertz Corporation, he retired last April. In June, he and his wife, Susan, moved across the country from California to St. Johns. They are enjoying the hot summers and mild winters to come and are looking forward to seeing any snowbirds in the area. Mark E. Sullivan, Raleigh, North Carolina, testified (by phone) last September before the New Mexico legislature's Armed Services Com­mittee in support of legislation involving custody, visitation, and military personnel. In the same month, he also spent a weekend as an advisor to the Military Custody Committee of the Uniform Laws Commission, which is in the pro­cess of drafting a model law for the states to pass covering all aspects of custody and visitation when one of the parents is deployed.

'69 Christopher "Kit" Marty
Medina, Ohio

Donald K. Bandler, Bethesda, Maryland, reports that the confer­ence of Kenyon's Center for the Study of American Democracy last spring had an excellent set of semi­nars, replete with the likes of class­mate Richard A. Baehr, James W. Ceaser '67, Murray L. Horwitz '70, and others. Thomas B. Lifson, Berkeley, California, tells us that he and Richard A. Baehr recently guest-hosted Dennis Miller's syndicated radio show. Tom's work on http://Americanthinker.com absorbs his energy but is very satisfying.

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