'80 Griffin Fry
Atlanta, Georgia

Timothy Herron, Sandusky, Ohio, writes that he is thriving despite the challenges he faces as a solo-practice neurologist in the current healthcare environment. Fortunately, Tim has ventured into medical legal work as a speaker for Forest and Teva Pharmaceuticals, and as of January 2011, as an examiner for traumatic brain injury veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. These areas support Tim's clinical practice and charitable work. Give Tim a "shout-out" when you're in Sandusky! Karen Gardner Wedge, Atlanta, Georgia, reports that her son Robert began his first year in the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs last summer, starting with an intense six weeks of basic cadet training. He was nominated for this ap­pointment by both of the Wedges' senators and their congressman. Karen thinks her Kenyon educa­tion paid off in her mothering, which has been her full-time position for the last eighteen years. Several of Rob's classmates from his high school in Atlanta, The Westminister School, were freshmen at Kenyon last fall! Karen says perhaps her younger son, Kevin, will choose Kenyon. Karen was sad to miss the thirtieth reunion and trusts that much fun was had by all.

'81 David Rose
Richmond, Virginia

Jay N. Anania, Chevy Chase, Maryland tells us that his son, Nicholas E. Anania '14, enrolled at Kenyon last fall. Nickolas Pappas, New York City, informs us that he is a professor of philosophy at the City College of New York. Nick lives in Manhattan with his wife, Barbara, and two daughters, Sabina (twenty-one) and Sophia (fifteen). He hopes to make it to the thirti­eth reunion, but in the meantime would love to hear from other Kenyon people! J. Morris Thorpe, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, reports that he works as an international theoretical functionalist by day and a rock 'n' roll guitarist by night. Visitors are always welcome and likely to survive!

'82 Myles Alderman, Jr
West Hartford, Connecticut

Hewitt Heiserman, Southbor­ough, Massachusetts, writes that in July of last year his "rickety, fifty­year-old infrastructure" finished Ironman Lake Placid in thirteen hours and ten minutes. The 2.4­-mileswim, 112-mile bike, and 26.2-mile run triathlon drew 2,700 athletes from forty-seven states and twenty-four countries. Hewitt says "I didn't win, but I didn't come in last, either." Suzanne D. Morrill, Eugene, Oregon, writes that Thomas M. Nelson and Margaret Richey Nelson, whose daugh­ter, Kalle, is currently college-shopping, visited her last summer and they all went crabbing on the Oregon coast. Susie remarked what fun it is to keep in touch with old friends from her Kenyon years!

'83 Reid W. Click
Washington, D.C.
Gregg O. Courtad
Canton, Ohio
David F. Stone
Birmingham, Michigan

Nina L. Klein, Shaker Heights, Ohio, reports no big changes in her life. She is still practicing radiology, still running, and still hoping her Labrador retriever, Finn, will live forever. Nina says she enjoys keeping in touch with her dear Kenyon friends.

'84 Pamela Bardonner
Richmond, Virginia
Beverly Sutley
Tyrone, Pennsylvania

Pamela J. Bardonner, Rich­mond, Virginia, writes that she is currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Although it is a difficult time, the support that she has received from family, coworkers, and some especially close Kenyon friends has helped her maintain a positive attitude. Pamela says, "The prognosis is good, though the treatment wears on." Rolf J. Pendall, Takoma Park, Maryland, informs us that he is now the director of the Urban Institute's Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center in Washington, D.C. Craig J. Richardson, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, tells us that he spent two weeks in China last year as part of an educational seminar.

'85 Laura A. Plummer
Bloomington, Indiana
Harvey M. Stephens
Springfield, Illinois
Susan Berger
Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Brian J. Edwards, Granville, Ohio, has been appointed a corpo­rate retirement director with Mor­gan Stanley Smith Barney, in the firm's Wealth Management Office, in Columbus. Of the company's 18,000 financial advisors, Brian was one of approximately one hundred and fifty individuals who have qualified for this prestigious designation.

'86 John Keady
Oakland, California

Maria P. Marchetti married Wayne Summers in October 2009. The Summerses recently bought a house in Alexandria, Virginia, and would love visitors. Maura S. Minsky, Brooklyn, New York, reports that she spent the better part of last year dealing with the real estate market. "You can see how far banks have fallen when trying to buy or sell real estate," she says. Maura hopes that she, her husband, Michael, and their daughters, Lucy (five) and Edie (three), will have moved into their new home in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, by the time her note is printed. George T. Perrett tells us that he is practicing law with a firm in Kalamazoo, Michigan, where he lives with his wife, Lisa, and their three children, Morgan (fifteen), Taylor (eleven), and Lauren (eleven). Todd writes, "The tragic passing of our friend and fra­ternity brother Byron J. Horn '86 dominated last summer for many of us who knew and loved BJ. He will be dearly missed, and we all send our love and best wishes to his wife, Kris, and their children."

'87 Colleen R. Siders Eaton
Cincinnati, Ohio

Catherine Uroff Brill reports with pride that her nephew, Samuel C. Colt '14, became a first-year student at Kenyon last fall, and Katya was able to visit him on Parents' Weekend in October. She thought the "new" athletic center was amazing and enjoyed both a concert by the Kokosingers and a performance by a student improv group called the Fools on the Hill. Katya and her husband, Kenneth E. Brill '83, still live in Longmead­ow, Massachusetts, with their son, Harry (fourteen), and daughter, Lizzie (eleven). She had four short stories published last year in the Georgetown Review, the Green Hills Literary Lantern (online), the Echo Ink Review, and the Red Wheelbar­row. Amy Lepard, Moraga, Cali­fornia, writes that in addition to raising her two daughters, Elizabeth (nine) and Kate (seven), she is a tax partner (principal) at Deloitte in San Francisco. Anna McCain Madonia, Wayne, Pennsylvania, writes that she and her husband, William, and their children, Will (ten) and James (four), have lived outside of Philadelphia for the last three years and love it! Annie joined her region's United Way as its senior vice-president of philanthropy last June and is enjoying it immensely. She had a great time recently seeing Caroline Stirn Crane and Frank S. Crane '86 and their beautiful family, and reminiscing about Kenyon days.

'88 Patricia Rossman Skrha
Cleveland, Ohio

Louis R. Freese, Thornton, Colo­rado, reports that he has been pro­moted to full professor at DeVry University (Denver campus). Allison E. Joseph, Carbondale, Illinois, informs us that her sixth book of poems, My Father's Kites, was published in 2010.

'89 Andrea L. Bucey-Tikkanen
Hudson, Ohio
Joan O'Hanlon Curry
Ossining, New York

Alison P. Adler married Charles Hirshberg in June 2010, and they have since adopted a beautiful baby boy, Leo Jay Tuvia. She says last year was "amazing." Alison and Charles live in Hamden, Connect­icut, and Alison is a rabbi in the New Haven area. John J. Doyle recently married Patzhararat "Kim" Kantapan in Las Vegas, Nevada. Kim and John live in Visalia, California. Lawrence C. Grimm, Chicago, Illinois, reports that he is teaching at Chicago's first public high school for the arts (Chi-Arts). Larry is also performing in short films, voice-overs, and plays. Lee "Polly" Foster Johnson, Edwards, Colorado, writes that she is still living in the Vail area. Polly remarried in September 2009, and between the two of them, she and her husband, Glenn, have five children—Polly's three teenag­ers and Glenn's two youngsters, Tyler (seven) and Kara (four). "Life is good!" she says. Taylor V. Ruggles, Arlington, Virginia, informs us that he is on detail from the State Department to the office of Vice President Biden as special advisor for Europe and Eurasia.

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