'10 Katherine Ernst
New Delhi, India
Laura Goehrke
Washington, D.C.

Ryan B. Bash tells us that he has started his master's degree at the University of Pennsylvania and he loves living in Philadelphia. Last fall he had dinner with Annie K. Severe, Forest "Juney" Shober, Lindsay M. Stevens, and Jean E. Turner, who are all also living in Philadelphia. Ryan hopes all his classmates are well! Alyssa R. Gomez married Jonathan N. Lawrence '09 on July 17, 2010. Alyssa and Jon live in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Natalie E. West, Baltimore, Maryland, reports that she is currently teaching English to middle-school students in Lamatar, Nepal, in the Kathmandu Valley during her Fulbright Fellowship year. Luke M. Williams, Annapolis, Maryland, writes that he is in Austria where he is working for a year as a teaching assistant.